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What Do I Get As A Member of Wolf on Wall Street?

Most Wolf on Wall Street members have been with me for years as readers of Several years ago I decided to put about 3 updates a day on a member's only site and Wolf on Wall Street was born. Most of my market analysis is derived from my proprietary 3C indicator, which you will find no where else.

After winning 6 awards for concepts in trading, proprietary indicators and concepts in risk management, I started teaching Technical Analysis for the Palm Beach County School system's Adult Education program called, The Community Educator”; I taught this class for over 3 years. Every quarter my class was in the top 2 most popular classes out of roughly 70 and we almost always had to turn people away for lack of a large enough venue. Teaching was more of a service to people who wanted to learn how to beat the market then an income stream as the hours I put in to preparing each class paid me about $3 an hour when averaged. I found that unlike the cliché about teaching, the truth was, TEACHING IS ONE OF THE BEST WAYS TO LEARN! Understand, I'm not a guru, I'm a lifelong student of the markets.

 I have also traded exclusively for a living, after having traded part time for roughly 9 years. Through this experience and from watching the market almost every minute of the day, as I do now, I quickly realized something; Technical Analysis is being used AGAINST YOU! Yes, you read that last sentence correctly, I see examples of this on nearly every timeframe nearly EVERY DAY!

Technical Analysis has been around for nearly 4 centuries in the English Markets and several centuries in the Japanese rice trading markets. The reason Technical Analysis had worked for so long and gained such popularity is because when used properly, it showed you human behavior and according to Technical Analysis principles, the two things that move markets are based in the depths of human behavior: FEAR AND GREED. Being that human behavior doesn't change much as we can see through history, Technical Analysis seemed to work well for a long time.

Then came the Internet Revolution and the advent of cheap online brokers; this was the beginning of a new and potentially  dangerous chapter for Technical Analysis. People lost money quickly using Fundamental Analysis: 1) because largely the information that goes in to your analysis is often flawed to start with and 2) can you really expect to compete with well capitalized  research departments that often specialize in a few stocks? In the 1990's,  people migrated to Technical Analysis, which was formerly often seen as a “Voodoo” type of analysis with little mainstream credibility. When this mass migration occurred, large Wall Street participants adjusted very quickly, after all, there are probably thousands of books that so often repeat the same Technical analytical concepts with some new spin or "Hot new indicators and strategies". Wall Street knows what Technical Traders will do when they see a Bull Flag or a Pennant or major support or resistance as technical traders have been conditioned through the repetitive concepts. "Smart Money" or what many of us know as Wall Street insiders, seem to know exactly what Technical Traders expect and how they will react and so often use that information against technical traders. How many times have you been knocked out of a trade by a fraction of a percent just to see it move in the direction you traded in? Do you think that is simple coincidence? When you see occurrences like this day after, it's very hard to believe this is just coincidence. At Wolf on Wall Street, we see this just about EVERY SINGLE DAY! In my experience, Technical traders are often so predictable, that I have noticed Wall Street or what we might call, "Smart Money" has become more and more predictable in how they react.

Wolf on Wall Street gained a lot of members quickly when they saw that my 3C indicator could contradict price, this has often shown us how the market will react ahead of time. In years and years of observation and participation in the stock market, it has become my firm belief that Wall Street almost NEVER reacts, instead they control many aspects of the market and set up the moves in the market minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and even years in advance.  If you don't agree with me as to just how manipulated our markets are, listen to this rare clip from Jim Cramer on Wall Street Confidential in which he talks about how the market "really" works from his experience as a Hedge Fund manager (for reference, this was recorded before the I-Phone was released and before AT&T signed their exclusive deal to provide service for the I-Phone).  

If you believe inside information is just a random occurrence or that there aren't leaks on Wall Street, let me tell you otherwise, even the government has made moves to control what they consider to be leaks of market moving reports. One earnings quarter I decided to show WOWS members how many leaks I believed were in the market, we had already been noticing strange activity in the weekly EIA Energy report, but I decided to post the direction that I believed 22 stocks would take after announcing earnings, 19 of 22 were correct-a 95% average (meaning members had the opportunity to be on the right side of the move after the report, but had the information of which way I thought the move would be before the reports were released)! In fact, in many circumstances and after years of observation, I truly believe that my indicator, "3C" wouldn't be useful as it has been if there weren't inside information, leaks and Wall Street setting up market moves (of varying lengths) in advance!

We have seen the 3C indicator shows us what direction the market will move in before price ever moves, this has provided unique and very useful information for many members as they send me the results of their efforts based on 3C information. Wall Street still has one major weakness in my view and that is, it can take them time to accumulate a large position that will move higher and time to distribute a position or sell it short, often in to price strength so they can get better prices without letting out too much supply or giving away their intensions and moving the market and their position against them. 3C's contradiction of price, a "divergence", has given us information that has proven valuable and in multiple trends and time frames. In my view and experience, we often get valuable clues as to what the market is up to before price action ever gives Technical Traders a hint. 3C CAN CONTRADICT PRICE LIKE NO OTHER INDICATOR I'VE EVER SEEN and this has given Wolf on Wall Street readers an edge that I have not seen in any other technical indicator.

At Wolf on Wall Street I provide 3C and other proprietary indicator updates on the market, some FX, commodities, precious metals, individual stocks and other vehicles my wide range of members ask to see. Wolf on Wall Street not only provides multiple market updates throughout the day, but also Industry and stock updates as well as risk management concepts. I communicate with members who choose to contact me. I have come to truly believe that each trader or investor is unique and there's no "one size fits all". In other words, it's not just generic market updates, but I try to post updates that individual members request according to what they feel will help them achieve their own goals. I believe 10 different people could take the same trade and have 10 totally different results; I respect individuality; differences in risk tolerance, trading style, time constraints, etc. NO TWO TRADERS ARE ALIKE, so I strive to make updates/posts as unique as the many different individuals who read Wolf on Wall Street.

Here's what members have said about my respect for individuality :

- “Your one on one service is not expensive enough in my opinion for the quality and exclusively of work that you offer. I find your $50 fee reasonable just for your frequent posts. I could not impose on you for personalized service at that rate. You should charge more for the personalized service.”

- “You are a genuine BLESSING to my life. I've had so many run ins with "crocks and idiots" that I want to just take my money and run, and you are truly a breath of fresh air - your honesty, kindness, caring for your "wolf pack" and just your dedication is truly felt by me, and I'm sure the other
members as well. You go well beyond your "sheep tending".”

Here's some of what members say about my proprietary indicator, 3C and it's accuracy:

- “I just like to say thank you for everything. Wolf on wall street is such a fantastic site. The 3C program is amazing, I day traded FAS going long few times all day. Having a confidence that the market will get a bounce kept me in the FAS trade and I made killing $$$ because of 3C.
Also NUGT/DUST calls are going well for me too.” 

- “If Wall Street knows about your 3C's, they will try to close that gap by manipulating the data. I would recommend to keep it to a limited audience.”
- “I'm really impressed with your 3C indicator and the fact that you post insights that viewers can look back on and watch your performance shows that you stand by your words.”

Here are a few member comments about how Wolf on Wall Street has changed member's perception of Wall Street:

- “Hi Brandt...crawled from my sick bed to observe events and read WOWS...awesome calls!! You have this market on a string!!”

- “I'm so glad I found your website. Your website is eye opener. I feel like Neo in the Matrix after taking the red pill and seeing what really happens underneath the surface.”

- “Dude your freaking amazing, your just on the ball man. I don't know how you post so fast and still are able to do the research, unreal.. anyways thanks for the updates great week. love the short term long term outlooks.”

- “Thanks for the market updates, wanted to let you know that the tricks wall st. plays on retail really works as I've been on many sites and everyone practically fell for it and went short.”

- “Hi Brandt - I'm reading your blog and it's amazing. I wish you'd get published in Barrons.”

- “Your indicators are like you have someone planted in "the closed door back room" where the market makers meet.”

I'm no GURU that a bunch of readers follow blindly nor do I want to be perceived as one. I truly feel blessed by the insights 3C has given me and how they have benefitted members. It took 3 years for me to really understand what 3C could show me and I coded 3C, it's a non-stop learning process. There's a huge difference between what Technical Analysis teaches along with the indoctrination and brainwashing that has been perpetrated for decades and the TRUE reality of the markets. A large part of my philosophy with Wolf on Wall Street is not to become a follow along guru service; I want my members to understand the insights we have discovered in the markets, understand how to use those insights, both generically and individually. I often say my goal with WOWS can be summed up as, “Wolf on Wall Street is not about giving a person a fish, but teaching them how fish”. My members aren't lazy and looking for the trade list to blindly follow, they want to learn, think for themselves and they want to be able to understand the market as it truly is and I don't think there are many books or resources that break away from the dogma of Technical Analysis and Wall Street mantras that can offer what WOWS members see with their own eyes EVERY DAY for themselves.

Wolf on Wall Street is a name chosen for a real reason. If you are tired of being part of the sheep led to the slaughter or blindly following concepts that have been offered in T.A. books, but when tested in real life CANNOT beat the markets consistently and you want to understand for yourself the dynamics, not just have someone tell you, “Buy, Sell, Hold”, if you want to stay ahead of the ever-changing market, then Wolf on Wall Street might just be for you.

Here are a few member comments about their experience since joining the Wolf Pack family:

- “Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I have been trading for over 20 years and you have enhanced my trading by far more than any other teacher!!!!”

- “I just want to say thank you man !!! you are awesome !!! Today I made 2K.
That was great. The first time I feel I can beat Wall Street.

- “Nice going in that portfolio. Nice going this week. This week has also been great for me as well. Just today a 23% portfolio gain. Great job.. have a super weekend. thx for the help and teachings”

- “Thank you Brandt for the update. The work/analysis you do is of extraordinary quality.

- “Thanks for the encouragement. I appreciate your time in trying to help us all be better traders.”

- “By the way, after a slight profit today, my account is finally back to a break even!!! Thank-you for your guidance and support in helping me to make back my losses!!!!

- “I have always considered myself a good trader with certain flaws that I need to correct. I see a definite improvement with your tutelage.”

- For the first time in a long time, I can finally say I'm up in my account, thanks for all of your help

- I was down 40% on my account and had big circles under my eyes. I am proud to say that I have come all the way back up that steep ladder and am now up 10%!!!!!

- Wow - excellent. This is powerful stuff. I would love to see your work more widely appreciated!

- If I do end up being a trader, you will have contributed to any success I may have.”

- Your site is a brilliant site, superb analysis.

- Once again, I thank you for your encouragement during a quite difficult time.
That was more valuable for me than any technical know how or other support.
I have also picked up good info and good reinforcement of basic concepts from you.

- It takes courage to be out there doing what you're doing. If people can take some value out of it, they should do so. If not, it cannot be helped. Your work is honest and transparent. If someone wants
a follow-along guru, there seem to be plenty of those as well, and they should
move on (I do not disparage it).

- “Thanx for all your insights on the market. I have made money and plan to make much more.”

- You did an excellent job! I mean that. You are a very good teacher. Thank you!

- “I am encouraged by your invitations for questions and your teaching background to go ahead with it.”

- Again, thanks. Looks like part of your calling is teaching and enabling others. I find the ability to grant "permission" and "encouragement" to others to be a rare and precious virtue, and I believe for the recipient, it is a lot more important than the content. Keep up the good work as long as you can...

- Hi Brandt,
Great charts and explanation. I like your way to teach people how to fish. :-)
Hopefully, one day I can work with you on this.”

- *(From an institutional money manager) “Thanks Brandt. We have been following your work with great interest. He and I both admire your analysis.”

For more comments from members, check out THIS LINK

So in summary, if you have an open mind, if you want unique insights in to the market and insights about how Wall Street plays the game, if you want to be responsible for your trading and not be a sheep (follower), but rather a Wolf, if you want daily insights with an average of 20+ updates during the trading day, if you want someone who answers your emails and questions in a timely manner and actually CARES about your success-not just your monthly payment, if you are serious about risk management and good habits that I believe are essential to your long term success, if you are tired of the media and other outlets misleading you intentionally or out of ignorance, and finally- if you are ready to become a LIFE LONG Student of the market and understand there's something new to learn everyday rather then just using the same old... same old that might just be part of what has held you back for years; then Perhaps It's Time You Consider Joining The WOLF PACK and become a 

Wolf on Wall Street provides REAL TIME updates through the trading day, sometimes over 20 that you will receive via email as soon as they are published. You can also email me any time you want as often as you need, all for $50 a month with an easy, versatile cancellation policy.

Other newsletters provide 1 daily update and 1 more weekly update with a maximum of 3 chances to talk to someone a week and charge $1000 PER QUARTER, $4000 a YEAR!

However in the end it's about the quality of service, rather than follow the sheep, you'll find the ground-breaking "3C" indicator (as well as many other proprietary indicators) at Wolf on Wall Street ONLY! 

"To make money in the market, you have to see what the crowd missed."

* Please note there only a designated number of memberships available. I will not add more members then I can reasonably attend to, meaning updating the market, explaining concepts and answering your emails in a timely fashion. There are no refunds, but YOU have the power to cancel ANYTIME by clicking one simple "UNSUBSCRIBE"  button; you will still receive the time you paid for. I believe in what we are doing so much that I put the ability to cancel anytime right in your hands, there's no run around, there's no hassles. I don't believe in creating the hassle that so many other services and products create once you join. Many of my members have been with me since the start and I have confidence that if you are open minded and are ready to put in the work to beat Wall Street, you will find a home here at Wolf on Wall Street.


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