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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Last Night's Stock Market Index Futures Predictions from Wolf on Wall Street

This is a follow up post from last night's sneak peak of our member's site analysis from,

Wolf on Wall Street

We are looking specifically at the 2 a.m. Stock Index Futures Analysis for the SPX & the NASDAQ-100. Here are last night's charts and commentary.

This is last night's 2 a.m., 3C chart of ES/SPX Futures and commentary...
 " ES 1 min going in to the European open looks like it sees some strength on accumulation"

This is what happened after...
 The positive divergence above was shown at 2 a.m. going in to the European open, at 3 a.m. look at the ES/SPX futures take off to gap us up this morning in the SPX.

Below is last night's 3C chart of the NQ/NASDAQ 100 futures as of 2 a.m. and commentary...
 " NASDAQ futures have an odd short term leading positive divergence, it's odd to see it at this time of night, perhaps it builds even more."

And build it did, note the timestamp again at the bottom of the chart, here's the futures as of the 9:30  open this morning
Last night's positive divergence was accumulation as NQ futures took off and gapped us up in to the US open.

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