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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

QQQ Calls Up Nice

You saw the analysis from the post below, "Price is Deceiving", this is a simple End of Day post from Wolf on Wall Street on Monday...

Today's gains in Friday's QQQ Call position were quite handsome today, 

208% for 2.5 days of trade!

Monday, December 31, 2012

Closing Take

This will be short, pretty much everything you need to know about today, you already knew last week as we put the pieces together throughout the day, this end of day post from Friday starts like this....

"Well I'd much rather have the NASDAQ call position than a NASDAQ put position going in to Monday."

SPY Daily-Support on Thursday, Friday had its own hints.

That QQQ Call position taken up on Friday is up +48% for 1-day, not bad.

I often say it and much of our strategy is built around it, "Price action is above all, deceiving"

Friday was a perfect example of it as this post from the EOD makes clear

Brandt Uses Worden's TeleChart and StockFinder 5 Exclusively

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