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Friday, October 26, 2012

Wolf on Wall Street's 3C and AMZN

Our proprietary indicator, 3C tracks accumulation and distribution.

Yesterday before the end of day I posted that I would buy AMZN calls going in to earnings, 3C can't predict what earnings will be, but the signals can tell us a lot about how the stock should behave the next day.

Here's a post from Wolf on Wall Street today talking about why I posted that I'd buy AMZN calls yesterday before earnings came out and before the close.

AMZN and 3C

If AMZN doesn't convince you 3C is showing you what no one else is seeing, I don't know what will.

Yesterday before the close I posted, "If I had Time-AMZN Calls"

As you know, placing trades is my last priority, the first is to my members, but after AMZN didn't do very good in earnings yesterday and was down as much as -12+%, by the end of AH, it was down maybe a bit over 1%.

Today AMZN is up over +5.5%

How is it possible that this could randomly happen, bad earnings, down over 12%, comes back and the next day the calls I mentioned yesterday should be up pretty nicely on a +5.5% gain today?

Here are the AMZN charts that prompted me to post that I'd buy AMZN calls yesterday before earnings came out. This is also why we wait for regular hours as the signals in 3C are fulfilled in regular hours.

 AMZN 2 min positive leading divergence

 3 min with a huge leading positive 3C divergence

 5 min with an extraordinary 3C leading positive divergence.

 10 min chart even was positive

Even the 15 min chart!

That's why, can that possibly be coincidence?

Brandt Uses Worden's TeleChart and StockFinder 5 Exclusively

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